Website Redesign

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after a long time of (postponing,) designing, coding and having too much coffee, my website is finally done, for the most part. I'll be taking you on a tour of what I've done in this blog post.

photoshopscreen First website concept, made in Photoshop.

Well, I really did not expect to be done this "soon" (it only took me five months, after all), but I somehow managed to find the inspiration (and motivation) to finish this website. The old version was quite bad, and I really wanted something good rather than having something that "works" (but does not and looks bad).

"So, where did you get that inspiration?" you may ask.

I basically just started to look around on alternative ways on how to build my website (rather than from scratch with HTML, CSS & JS), and was going for the Photoshop and Dreamweaver way, when one of my co-workers advised me not to do so (thanks, Tjeerd). I then started to look for other alternatives. I also started to look around as to how I wanted my website to look. I ended up doing most of the stuff with HTML & CSS, with some help of Webflow for animations.


I exported the code from Webflow (partially) and "took some inspiration from Codepen" and put together what you are looking on now (if everything works). Still have to add SEO stuff but for the rest I think everything works now (on my iMac and iPhone, at least).

I am also working on a logo redesign, but im kind of having a lack of motivation (just for my own logo, weirdly), so more on that later.

I then also got this "great idea" of making a blog, while knowing that absolutely no-one will read it, so here you go, another useless thing that I probably should not have spent that much time on.

blogsnip Screenshot of the blog article selector

I guess that's it for this blog post, all that is left now is to finish the portfolio part of my website and to add the SEO stuffs. Probably will redesign my logo in the meantime as well, crazy stuff.

Of you made it all the way down here, woah, what are you doing, thanks for reading this I guess. Should I do more of this kind of stuff? Also (for those who know what it is), should I make these kinds of posts/articles/whatever it is called on UCP Progress as well?

Oh and before I forget, here's a link to the top of the page and a link to my homepage.