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A little bit about myself

About MilanKD

Some info

A 17 Year Old Developer and Designer

Hi, I'm Milan. I'm a Dutch 17 year-old who loves basically anything that has to do with tech.



Under the online name MilanKD I provide services such as Logo Design, Branding, UI/Website Design and services for YouTubers and/or content creators.

What differentiates MilanKD from other service providers?


Jobs are completed quickly.

Depending on the size of the job, most projects are finished within a short amount of time.

High quality.

And nothing else.

Good contact.

When a job is being done, the contact between the client about progress and the project is always there, for as long as needed.


Previous Customers


Years of experience with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator


Percentage of jobs finished within the agreed period of time


Days per week on which you can contact me

Customer Reviews//Design

Over a year of working together

Milan's work for BeamNG.TV has been absolutely amazing.
It all started off with simple designs on some cars of, but it ended up as a large cooperation and partnership between Milan and BeamNG.TV, including the website, branding and channel remonitization when YouTube started acting up. I sure would (and have) recommend MilanKD to anyone.

Two projects so far


At first, EsraBen contacted me for a logo for his eSports Team. He later came back for a Twitch Channel redesign.

Click here to see more of my work.

Working together with Milan - or actually Milan working on my project - was a good experience. Everything was done as agreed and the final product was amazing.

Jay P.

Insane eSports

Working with Milan was quick, to the point and my channel was back on the road within a week. He got my channel monetized again, and redesigned my branding stuff. I sure would reccomend him to anyone.



my work

YouTube Services

Youtube services

As you might know, YouTube has recently been demonetizing (smaller) channels for no good reason whatsoever.
I provide customers who choose this service with a channel optimization and advice, to remonetize their channel and to keep it that way.
Past customers are BeamNG.TV, TheRandomDude (Sadly got deleted at 700.000 for a third copyright strike) and CaptainStraight (sadly quit YouTube).
Furthermore, after a single payment, additional service that may (unexpectedly) be needed is free of charge. For more info, and/or a quotation, be sure to contact me.


Thanks for checking out my website!

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